A Call for all Pennant Teams

The next pennant season is due to start!

Thursday Night Pennants will begin the week commencing the 16th of June and will run through to the 1st of September (including the Grand Final).

Monday Night Pennants will begin the week commencing the 20th of June and will run through to the 5th of September (including the Grand Final).

Tuesday Night Pennants will start the week commencing the 21st of June and will run through to the 6th of September (including the Grand Final).

Club Captains will be sending their teams into the WA Squash Office by the 30th of May, so ensure you speak to your Club Captain to avoid disappointment.

Pennant Teams will be finalised by the 13th of June and loaded into SportyHQ, ready for another exciting pennant season.


2022 FeNaClNg: Call For Nominations

Dampier Squash Club is calling for team nominations for the 2022 FeNaClNG squash tournament, to be held on the last weekend of July, Friday 29 July – Sunday 31 July 2022.

The format will be similar to previous years with a welcome dinner on Friday night, squash both Saturday and Sunday, with Grand Finals Sunday afternoon. A presentation and meal on Sunday evening from 6.30 pm will conclude the event.

To keep with tradition, it will be a 4 person team running grades A, B, C and D. Please click here for an entry form: 2022 Dampier Squash Club FeNaCling Tournament Entry Form

If you have extras or can’t make a full team, please contact Dampier Squash Club.

The cost of the weekend will be $90 per player ($360 per team), this includes 3 to 4 games of squash per player, two complimentary dinners and an enjoyable time!

For those who have never competed in the FeNaCl tournament before, there is a park right next door to the squash courts where you can camp with your tent or swags free of charge.  The squash courts also have ablution facilities which you are free to use over the weekend.

Please send nominations to Fenaclngsquash@gmail.com by the 9th of July.

2022 WA Open

Over the weekend, the 2022 ECG Engineering WA Closed and Head Junior Classic was played. It was an excellent event for all players and spectators. Congratulations to Mike Corren and Erin Classen for winning the Open events.

WA Squash is excited to announce that entries for the 2022 WA Open are now open. This tournament will run from June 10 – June 12.
This event is a WSF & PSA Satellite Tour Event with other divisions for players of all levels.

Entries close June 4, but please enter early to help out the tournament organisers!

Entries can be made here: https://squashaustralia.sportyhq.com/tournament/view/2022-WA-Open-PSA-S

Upcoming Events Reminder

There are several exciting events coming up in the world of squash. Please enter early to help out the event organisers.

2022 Marmion Junior Teams Challenge 

Entries close: May 24

To enter: speak to your Junior Coordinator


2022 Term 2 Junior Pennants

Entries close: May 9

To enter: https://www.sportyhq.com/tournament/view/Term-2-Junior-Pennants-1


HydroBlast Kalgoorlie 50th Anniversary Golden Open 2022

Entries close: May 29

To enter: https://www.sportyhq.com/tournament/view/50th-Anniversary-Golden-Open-2022

2022 Interschool Squash Competition

The 2022 Interschool Squash Competition entries are now open!

The competition for all year groups will be on the 28th of June, at Squashworld Mirrabooka.

Entries can be made here: https://www.schoolsportwa.com.au/interschool/non-sswa-events/secondary/squash/.

Please click here for more information: 2022 Interschool Squash Competition Guidelines.

Thank you to our sponsors- Fuel to Go and Play for supporting this event.

Term 2 Junior Pennants

It’s time to enter Junior Pennants for Term 2!
Junior Pennants will run in Term Two for four weeks, on Sunday mornings. Players will get two matches, played using PAR, Best of 3 each round.
Juniors are to enter via SportyHQ. Entries can be made by clicking this link: https://www.sportyhq.com/tournament/view/Term-2-Junior-Pennants-1
Once all entries are received, players will be put into teams of three. Players will, where possible, be in a team for their club. Please liaise with Junior Coordinators about entering.

The deadline for entering is 9/05/2022.

Dates and locations will be:
9:30- 11:30 am: 15/05/2022: The Squash Factory (Marmion Squash Club)
9:30- 11:30 am: 22/05/2022: Belmont Saints Squash Club
9:30- 11:30 am: 29/05/2022: Squashworld Mirrabooka (Mirrabooka Squash Club)
9 am-11 am: 19/6/2022: Squashworld Brentwood (Bluegum squash Club)

More information can be found here: Term Two Junior Pennants

Should you have any questions, please get in touch with WA Squash at development@wasquash.asn.au.