2017 Prince Junior Super Series – Event 3 Announcement

Due to a few last minute withdrawals from the tournament, the entry list has gone from a perfect 44 down to 41. For those unfamiliar with the format, the format works best when dealing with a multiple of 4, it guarantees everyone at least 3 matches with the majority getting 4 matches for the day.

With 1 over in the format, it means that one of the players in the lowest division will only get 1 scheduled match, which isn’t ideal when we aim to give players a minimum of 3.

There are two ways of improving the situation, the first being we find up to 3 more players to get the 44, or the second being if someone knows they may not be able to play tomorrow then 1 withdrawal will allow for an easy redraw process.

Please contact either Don in the office on 9227 7255 or email Tim Cowell at timcowell89@gmail.com

Due to changes possibly being made right up until the last minute, we request all participants to arrive at The Squash Factory between 8.30am-8.45am for check in ready for a 9am start with matches. Those who are the top 4 seeds for the event will be contacted separately to notify you of your approximate start time.

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