2017 Prince Junior Super Series – Event 3 Results

The third and final event in the 2017 Prince Junior Super Series attracted 40 entries.

Finishing Positions:

Division 1
1st Abel Jin – Vic. Park
2nd Dylan Classen – Mirrabooka
3rd Kiran Byles – Marmion
4th Oscar Lindsey – Marmion
5th Kael Owen – Bunbury
6th Erin Classen – Mirrabooka
7th Kane-Jaran Holman – Marmion
8th Pascale Louka – Vic. Park

Division 2
1st Jackson Kiely – Maddington / Gosnells
2nd Isabella Diver – Marmion
3rd Calan Harris – Marmion
4th Max Forbes – Manjimup
5th Michaela Pratt – Narrogin
6th Riley Wilding – Mirrabooka
7th Connor Strong – Cambridge
8th Finlay Galt- Marmion

Division 3
1st Kaleb Sands – Marmion
2nd Patrick Minson – Cambridge
3rd Elliot Martin – Hilton
4th Daniel Marsh – Maddington / Gosnells
5th Eva French – Bunbury
6th Eric Marsh – Maddington / Gosnells
7th Jonathan Groenewald – Marmion
8th Lachy Montaldo – Narrogin

Division 4
1st Stephen Weyers – Marmion
2nd Isla Harris – Moora
3rd Ethan Wynbergen – Marmion
4th Caitlin Pratt – Narrogin
5th Hannah Slyth – Subiaco
6th Sam Menagh – Marmion
7th Nathan Webb – Marmion
8th Callan Brown – Marmion

Division 5
1st Aliviya Arends – Bunbury
2nd Rohan Byles – Marmion
3rd Maxine Salter – Marmion
4th Alexander Marsh – Maddington / Gosnells
5th Carina Stephenson – Marmion
6th Abby Barnes – Marmion
7th Cara Barnes – Marmion
8th Sterling Slyth – Subiaco

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