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New Thursday Night League!!

All levels of Squash Players welcome

Why a new League on Thursday Nights?

The number of Squash players are decreasing Australia wide.

WA Squash is determined to buck this trend and with the support of our players, we believe this new League will assist us in achieving this.

This new innovative League Competition has been put together to stop the decline in players and provide a platform for ALL squash players to join a Competitive League and play opposition of the same level and ability.

Due to the decreasing number of squash centres, many pennant players have been left without a team and in some instances, a club.  This League allows individuals or part teams to nominate/enter into this comp. On completion of nominations, the League committee will arrange a team for each player to join, while still representing their club.

How this new Thursday Night League works?

Thursday night League will be run with the same format as Day League and Ladies Monday nights.

Teams are made up by a committee based on players who have nominated through

their clubs or via the WA Squash website in the metropolitan area. These teams are made up in such a way to ensure that, as much as possible, all teams are of equal strength.

There is still an overall champion club for the competition. This is calculated by the results

from all players nominated by their club. So you are still playing for your club. There will be two divisions, with all teams playing at the same venue each week. This venue,

which changes weekly, is determined by the number of players nominated from each club.

There is still a home and away team, the home team supplying supper and drinks for the

away team. There is an option whereby, if a player does not want to stay for supper, they

can nominate to play, ref and go. We usually try to limit one play ref and go player per team.

On grand final night, all teams are at the same venue, where after play, all players are

invited to attend presentation of prizes and supper. There is a player contribution towards this of $12 per player. BYO Drinks.

There will be a reserve list for players who are unable to commit to a full season and would like to Reserve only.

If you are interest in joining, Entry/Nomination forms can be downloaded from the Website.

Any queries, please contact:

Raelene Marriott       0407 422 639    

Russell Chandler         0400 766 520   

Lyn Chandler               0400 766 521   

Quita Cass                   0419 938 689   

Thursday League Q & A

Q:        How long does the season last?

A:         The season runs in line with the Pennant season dates and is approx 10 weeks + finals

Q:        Will I represent my Club?

A:         Yes, you will represent your club whilst playing for a League team. There is an over all team Winner and Club Winner

Q:        I don’t belong to a Club, can I still play?

A:         Yes, you need to be a member of a Club. When joining this League, you will be assisted in joining a Club of your choice.

Q:        How much will playing this League cost me?

A:         You will need to pay the WA Squash Registration and Insurance fee and a team nomination fee.  These fees change from time to time, please see the website for charges.  Further to this, your Club will charge you a Membership Fee, this fee varies from club to club.

Q:        Can I still play with my mates?

A:         Yes, where possible and ability based, we will do our best to keep you together, however, each division is played at the same squash centre, so you will still see your mates every week and possibly even play against them.

If you are keen to play in this Thursday Night League or any other night League or Pennants, please see the relevant contacts above to assist you with further information.

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