Australia wrap up the Trans Tasman series 3/0


There was no complacency during the final test, with the series won, Australia finished with an 11/3 match score in the final test.  Sue and Anne went through undefeated.

As always, there was fantastic competitiveness and comradery between the two nations.  We now look forward to playing the NZ Masters Individual Championships.

Day 3 Results Australia d NZ 11/3

  • O35(L) K Phillips l  K Roberts  3/1          (M) B Freeme d A Crome 3/1
  • O40 (L) M Martin d D Dunbar 3/0          (M) M O’Hare d K Shuja 3/1
  • O45 (L) S Davis d N Cull 3/1                     (M) J Bond l S Gardiner 1/3
  • O50 (L) S Nelson l L Cowlard 1/3           (M) P Bastow l G Duberly 3/1
  • O55 (L) S Hillier d K Newman 3/0          (M) W Miller d B Meyer 3/1
  • O60 (L) A Richards d K Walton 3/1        (M) K Smith d M Walldin 3/1
  • O65 (L) G Mitchell d F Walker 3/2          (M) M Brown d W Seebeck 3/1

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