Katanning Squash Club in Regional WA gets an upgrade


After approx 2 years of persistence, local support and an ingenious initiative, the Katanning Country Club finally got their 4 x front walls, 4 x tins and 4 x sports floors….and a new paint job also.

(The ingenious initiative – KCC SQUASH MEMBERS were donated a plot of land outside of town, members gave their time, grew crops, sold the crops…money in the bank. Their income has increased 10 fold.) INGENIOUS.

Thanks to all the members (especially Ryan McGrath and Garry Wolfe but also Steve the painter, George from Cape Town, David Staid) for their help with unloading and moving product into the building.

KCC have now renovated their squash courts, tennis courts and works continue to install a new bowls green….the venue is improving weekly……also, they have one of the best green golf courses in the region due to water recycling capabilities.

Have been informed the renovations have sparked renewed interest and squashies have come out of the wood work to play again. Great news for the club….especially after their very recent fire threat.

We totally enjoyed our time in Katanning……its known as a SuperTown…..maybe a tournament is on the cards soon??!?!

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