Interschool Competition

The 2022 WA Squash Interschool Competition was held on the Tuesday on the last week of Term 2, at Squashworld Mirrabooka. This year, in a trial format, all divisions were held on one day, to encourage more participation from schools. This had a very positive effect, as there was a total of 45 entries- the most that there has ever been. Some schools had play-offs amongst their students, and the number of teams was reduced to 28- the maximum capacity that can play across the 14 courts at the largest Squash Centre in Australia.

There were five rounds played in each of the 4 divisions (Junior Girls, Senior Girls, Junior Boys and Senior Boys), and 70 matches played in total. Talk about a lot of squash!!

The champion schools were:

Junior Girls: Perth Modern

Junior Boys: Ursula Frayne

Senior Girls: Penrhos College

Senior Boys: Shenton College

In the Senior Boys Final, Shenton College proved that their boys were the teams to beat, as each of their teams finished at the top of the two pools. Their Team 1 and Team 2 faced off in the final. State Squad Members, Dylan Classen and Aidan Mascaro were both part of Shenton Team 1, and this team was victorious over their counterparts.

In the Senior Girls Final, Penrhos College, led by top 3 U17 player Hannah Slyth came out victorious over Perth Modern, in a final of all class.

Every player represented their school with pride and demonstrated fantastic sportsmanship. There was mixture of juniors who play squash at clubs, and students who were brand new to the sport, and it was terrific to see the club juniors take on responsibility and teach the new students the ins and outs of squash. Players helped coach and provide tips to their teammates throughout the competition.

Thank you to all the teachers and parents who helped organise their teams in the lead up to the event, and for helping me out during the competition. Some of the teachers were even squash players themselves and jumped on court in between rounds to give all the kids a show!

Thank you to Erin Classen and Remi Young for helping out during the event. Erin kept all the courts running on time, and had fun speaking over a sound system provided by Squashworld Mirrabooka. Remi was put to work with adding up scores and results.

Squashworld Mirrabooka and Tyron did a fantastic job hosting the event- so thank you.

For next year, the event will go back to two days, to allow for the growth of squash. This will be on the last Tuesday and Wednesday of Term 2. I look forward to seeing some of the students return for another shot at the title.

Finally, thank you to Healthway- Fuel to Go and Play for their positive message about consuming healthy foods and liquids. All players received a water bottle from Fuel to Go and Play, and I thank Healthway for their continued support.

Michaela Pratt
Development Officer, WA Squash

Interschool Champions pre 2022