Perth Night Pennant (Mon & Tues)

The WA Squash Night Pennant Competition runs in the metropolitan area with teams representing their clubs playing against teams from other clubs in their division. A new three season format was introduced in 2008. There is an Autumn season run from early February to mid May, a Winter season run from early June to mid August and a Spring season run from mid September to early December.


Monday pennant 2020 autumn dates

Tuesday pennant Autumn 2020 dates



Each division on each night is to comprise 6 teams, each team playing each other twice (i.e. home and away) for a total of 10 games.
There has been a new finals format introduced with the team finishing 1st at the end of the round robin stage going straight into the grand final. The teams finishing 2nd and 3rd will play off to see who goes into the grand final. The Preliminary Final will be held at the home centre of the team finishing 2nd and the Grand Final will be held at the home centre of the team finishing 1st. If for any reason the match can’t be held at that home venue then it is to be held at the centre of the opposition team in the final.
Divisions range from division 1 being the highest on that night to the lowest number which varies per night. In each team, you have your team position, you then play the person in the corresponding position from the other team. There is no set order in which to play, teams alternate between picks on who they want to play. 1 person from 1 team will score whilst someone from the other team referees, this alternates after each match.
A match card must then be filled out with all the results of each match and signed by the captains and then the home team is responsible for entering the results onto Sporty HQ.